Cusini Drugstore: the perfumery in Livigno

More of an experience than a perfumery

The history of Cusini Drugstore began in the beautiful surroundings of Livigno, when, in 1927, the Bormolini family members obtained a small workshop from the ground floor of their house.
At the time, foodstuffs, fabrics and footwear were mainly sold there but, 40 years later, the building was renovated, expanded and, in 1974, a beauty department appeared for the first time: the “Profumeria”.
A few years later, the youngest of the Cusini siblings (Barbara), due to her growing passion for beauty products, moved to Paris to attend the Lancôme academy in order to perfect her knowledge. Since then, she has been managing the store with great enthusiasm, focusing especially on staff training and customer-oriented consulting.
For many years, the most influential and innovative brands have continued to choose us in order to create together a unique and emotional shopping experience.

300 square metres dedicated to your beauty

The new building conveys at its best the values on which Barbara, Bernardo and Giovanni (the brothers who founded the Cusini Group) have based their company: stability and ongoing research.
With a balance between modernity and tradition, the architect Lorenzo Radi, from the Umbria region, has developed an elegant and timeless design that blends glass elements, finely worked with materials from the Valtellina region, such as larch wood and the "pietra dorato" stone, which make Cusini Drugstore one of the most prestigious buildings among those of its kind in Livigno.